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Sep 9, 2015 BY arielle

Feature: A 98% Recyclable, Floating Home?

WaterNest 100

The future of home design in our changing times might just be on the water – and we’re not talking waterfront properties. The solar-powered WaterNest 100 was unveiled just this year, giving us a new idea of just how an eco-friendly home of the future might look. And it is actually a future where homes float.

After years of research, architect Giancarlo Zema and architecture firm EcoFloLife have crafted a home that is built to solve problems of our climate’s impending changes. They realized that creating a floating home would account for the rise of sea levels and destruction of coastlines that look to likely if our climate keeps warming. The WaterNest 100 is able to float on any calm body of water.

At just 1,000 square feet, this gorgeous home is made from 98% recyclable materials. The home’s curved body is made from recycled laminated timber over a recycled aluminum hull.

But the design isn’t all about function – there is plenty of beauty incorporated as well. The space feels larger with open skylights, balconies, and large windows meant to invite the outside indoors and allow for a 360-degree view of the seascape.

And that’s not all -- the roof is largely a huge solar panel. The 600 square feet of solar panels generates 4 kW of electricity – enough to power the average home. EcoFloLife also made sure to craft a “sophisticated system of internal natural micro-ventilation and air conditioning” to allow this self-sustaining space to be extremely low consumption – no matter what the temperature outside might look like year from now.

We are highly impressed with the imaginative, problem-solving design, stunning lines, and beautiful architecture of this home. We’ll be interested to see if it takes off in the future. For now, with a price tag of 1 million Euros, we don’t think we'll be seeing it in our waterways anytime soon.


Thank you to Giancarlo Zema for the image.

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