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Jul 8, 2015 BY arielle

Partner: B.C. Timber Frame Company

Timber Frame Home

We at the Green Construction Company believe in building meaningful partnerships with local companies that share our vision. The British Columbia Timber Frame Company does just that. They have made a commitment to producing timber frame homes with incredible quality, design, and price. They utilize the northern softwood forests of British Columbia and the stunning coastal Douglas Fir to craft all of their timber frames.

We enjoy working with them for a few reasons. To begin with, each and every member of their staff is dedicated to consistency, quality, and integrity -- standards that we can get behind. The wood they use, coastal Douglas Fir, offers a tight, consistent grain that provides unparalleled quality and beauty.

They are extremely selective about their wood. They use only 150 year old growth or older Douglas Fir. Their timber is all vertical grain, free of heart center, and local to British Columbia. No other timber frame company uses wood of such high quality.

Once they select the wood they use a Radio Frequency Kiln. Unlike traditional Steam Kilns, which only dry the first one to two inches of wood, Radio Frequency Kilns dry the wood to the core. Developed by the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, this kiln is the only one in Canada. The wood produced is perfect for dry climates, very stable, and minimizes checking and cracking.

The B.C. Timber Frame Company works in direct partnership with us and the architects -- designing the frame in-house via state-of-the-art computers and then precisely cutting each piece with a Hundegger K2 automated component saw and joinery machine. Their specific, modern process guarantees an accurate frame cut and easy on-site assembly, allowing them to provide the most complex frames available. Also, this revolutionary approach produces timberframes at prices comparable to conventional custom homes.

The British Columbia Timber Frame Company makes incredible products at reasonable prices. That would certainly be enough for us to love them, but we actually have another reason:

Timber Frame Homes Are Green

Here are just a few of the points that make them eco-friendly:

  1. Natural Look: Timber frame homes offer a natural look, maximizing the beauty of exposed wood and blending into the surrounding environment, creating less of a visual impact than conventional homes.
  2. Less Waste: The frames are pre-cut with the automated component saw and joinery machine, meaning that there is less unused timber and it's easier to assemble -- saving time and resources.
  3. Renewable Resource: Timber is the only renewable commercial building material. Using it as your building material is effectively carbon neutral.
  4. Excellent Insulation: Tiber frames have low embodied energy and high insulating properties. This keeps heating and cooling bills lower than conventional homes.
  5. Faster: Creating a timber frame is usually 30% faster than traditional methods -- saving you time and money during your build.
  6. Durable: These frames are ready to withstand generations of use. They are able to hold up through earthquakes, hurricanes, and even tsunamis. Timber frame homes are build to last.

We'll continue to partner with the B.C. Timber Frame Company. We hope you will too!

Photograph courtesy of ARBRE ÉVOLUTION.

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